Natural Hair Meme: I Like Your Hair.

Hey all. Now Here’s a thing to note. Nigeria is in Africa, so Nigerians are Africans, so most if not all Africans should  have type 4 hair. I was on my way to the bank with my natural hair out in a big fro (sorry forgot the pictures). Then a girl walked up to me and this was our conversation : GIRL: I’m sorry, excuse me, but your hair is so beautiful. ME: image GIRL: How did your hair grow like that? Mine can’t grow like that. ME: image I was lost and right there and then, I launched into a natural hair lecture. I know she won’t take my advice to let her roots “undergrowth” grow out to a certain length and then cut it off. But whatever, I’m just happy to let people know about natural hair. Xoxo. Till I spill.


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