My New Hair Resolutions

Hey all.

So, I went natural November, 2013. Transitioned till April, 2014 and had been fully natural ever since. My hair has increased in length (from short afro to cheek length) but like most persons, I want it longer. I really want to show off that Nigerian hair (Natural or Virgin) can grow long.

My hair goal by the end of this year is to reach shoulder length, this means length retention by most especially reducing breakage and shedding.
I’m a very lazy natural. Even lazier because I’m a college student and don’t have the patience and time to invest in hair care. So I’ve decided to take it seriously and draft a plan and make sure I follow it.
I know this is coming late, but it’s still a new year anyway.

My new hair resolutions are
1. Deep Conditioning- I never used to do this despite the advice from many naturals, like I said too lazy to.
2. Hot oil treatment- have never tried this either.
3. Pre-Pooing.
4. Finger Detangle. I will really like to ditch the combs.
5. Wear satin bonnet or scarf to bed- now this is a hair sin I’m always guilty of.
6. Always Put hair up in twist or braids before going to bed.
7. Perfect self installation of long term protective style (twists or braids).
8. Always spritz my hair in protective style.
9. Actually get to henna my hair and also try black tea rinse.
10. Spend wisely on products- keeping it frugal.

I think that’ll be all for now. I’ll update the post if I remember more.

So ladies and some gents, what are your new hair resolutions? Please do share.



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