The Natural Hair Teacher

I don’t know how many naturals will relate with this, but how many of you have had to give lectures on natural hair and natural hair care when in an argument?
I know  I’ve had to (a lot of times). Let me explain what happened today.

BOY: I want my kind of girl to be fair in complexion (light skinned) Nigerian girl, wear very little or no make up, petite, have long natural hair.
What is your definition of natural hair? I asked with a raised brow.
BOY: you know, hair that is flowing no weaves, wigs or extensions.
And I was like Oh Really?


Right then and there I launched into lecture mode, subject, natural hair. I explained to him that a Nigerian girl cannot have long flowing natural hair unless it is relaxed, texturised or stretched, that the term natural hair refers to my hair (my hair was in a fro puff). And he was like na, your hair is not long. (heaven bless shrinkage). I just told him, that he should replace the his preference for “long natural hair” with “long relaxed hair”.

I don’t have issues with straight haired ladies, infact its always an option if you feel you can’t manage your natural hair texture. I’m just tired and irritated with the misuse of the term natural hair for relaxed or permed (straight) hair.

I won’t stop preaching it though until people understand the difference between natural hair and relaxed or permed hair instead of mixing both terms to mean the same thing I.e. Permed hair.

Till I spill again.


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