Reasons for Going Natural

Someone had asked me two days ago why I cut my hair. He was like “where did all that long hair (insert = relaxed hair) go? I replied, I didn’t like it anymore so I got rid of it. I just didn’t have the strength for lecturing that day, it was a really hot day and the heat really gets on my nerves so I couldn’t think deeply about it.

But when I got home, I thought about it for quite sometime and came up with some reasons why I decided to board the one way never to return natural hair bus.

First, what does the term going natural mean?
The term “going natural” basically refers to the ditching of hair relaxers, texturisers,  formaldehyde and ammonia containing dyes, constant heat styling and adopting training (yes training)  your natural curly or coily hair to do your bidding using natural or organic products or
I used to think it was impossible like a lot of relaxed folks to keep my “virgin” hair or even manage it because it was straight and manageable hair all the way.

After surfing the web, reading a lot of blogs and experienced some set backs, I decided to take a plunge into the natural hair world.

Therefore my reasons for going natural are :
This was the very reason why I went natural, gosh, them relaxers were showing no mercy on my scalp. After using relaxers for so many years, suddenly, relaxers always burnt my scalp. It starts hurting just as soon as the creamy crack touched my head till when I wash it out. I actually tried kit relaxers as recommended by friends, family and hair stylists which they said didn’t hurt at all. And I’ll run with glee to go purchase that no pain, no-lye relaxer and surprise, surprise,  nothing changed. So when I found out that I could manage my “virgin” hair,  na so I run oh  from creamy cracks.

Just within the borders of deciding if I should quit relaxers or not,  I came to completely hate my relaxed ends. Whenever water touched it, it looked and felt so limp and lifeless and so dead (even though hair itself is made up of dead cells). I just kept anticipating the day I’ll cut it off and to protect it from my impatience, I left it in braids or twists.
Meanwhile, I fell in love with the lush new growth, it was full, alive and kickin’ had volume and body and felt so… I’m sorry I can’t express it in words, it was a really nice feeling. So that’s when I decided to cut off the straight ends after I lose the braids I was wearing at the moment.

I will continue this in another post. It’s coming out longer than I thought it would.

I would be happy to read your own reasons for going natural too, please do share.


2 thoughts on “Reasons for Going Natural”

  1. Going natural was an easy transition for me. Being in college and being broke made it that way. I was so used to one person doing my hair back at home that I didn’t trust anyone else do touch my hair (besides my mama). I was never one of those people who got relaxers like clock work. Before going natural I would probably only get relaxers 2-3 times a year. It was a mixture of me being broke and not having anyone to do my hair that helped me transition.
    I’ve been natural 5 years now.

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