My Deep Conditioning Mix

Staying true to my new hair resolution, I have been deep conditioning my hair and I must say, I have been missing a lot when I wasn’t doing it. My hair comes out moisturised, baby soft and shiny.

I like to keep my product use simple and frugal. I can’t afford all the expensive hair care products.
My Deep Conditioning Mix is simply
Mayonnaise (Bama), honey and olive oil. That’s all.
I just throw everything in a bowl, heat it a little, whip it to break the mayonnaise clumps and apply it to my hair.
I always section my hair into 4 to 6 sections everytime I want to meddle with my hair (I didn’t do this before).
I cover with a shower cap and tie with a scarf to collect any drips.

I prefer over night deep conditioning treatment. Maybe later I’ll go for shorter times.
The next morning, I wash out the mix with my vo5 conditioner.
Still in sections, I will then apply castor oil and I’m good to go.


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