My Hair and People’s Comments

Hey all, Kyla desu.
I really didn’t want to write about on this topic, but there’s this nagging feeling that I should do so.
Firstly, I like curious and inquisitive people because I can be like that too (to a fault sometimes).
So on the topic.
In Nigeria, natural hair is not a common thing, only one kind of people have natural (virgin – as they call it here) hair and those are the religious Christians I.e. Deeper life and Mountain of fire women due to religious reasons.

I have heard that some naturalistas have received rude comments about their hair.
But to me,
I won’t say they are rude but weird and ignorant instead.
In some cases, I went from natural hair teacher to natural hair defender.

So some of the comments about my hair I can remember include
1. Sister, why na? What happened to your hair?
Me (in my head and smile on my face)- I don’t know, the hair is there.

2. Jesus!  Is that your “virgin” hair? It’s fine sha, if you relax it now, it will be very long.
Me (smile on my face)- thank you I said and nope, no relaxer again.
Because I don’t want to, I like it like this.

3. Now this next comment got me thinking what they’ve been teaching people generally about hair care.
Female: Sorry, sister excuse me. I’ve wanted to ask you, is this your virgin hair?
Me: yes.
Female: ah its fine oh.
Me: thank you.
Female: but, this way it is is not smelling?
Me (shocked):No, my hair is not smelling. Infact its you people that perm your hair that have smelly hair I said with a wider smile. I wash my hair once a week, but you wash yours whenever you want to braid or wear weaves and that’s approximately once a month.

4. The next comment come from my lecturer.
Lecturer: ah Kyla, eh, final year babe, you know I must talk na?
Me: please talk, I laughed.
Lecturer: this your hair, do you even comb it, it’s looking so bushy, are you going for dreadlocks?”
Me: no, I’m going natural.

These are the ones I can remember for now. But I have received a lot of good comments and some even wanted to go natural and I know two that I have even cut their hair for them.

Hair care generally in Nigeria is quite poor, I knew so after after going natural and it has been the best decision I have ever made.
I wish more ladies can embrace it, it takes a lot of work but the satisfaction I derive is exhilarating.
But that is going to take a lot of time.

Oh well,
Till I spill again.


2 thoughts on “My Hair and People’s Comments”

  1. Stop lying!!! You have “virgin” hair because you don’t have money to be “retouching” it. Lol ( kidding of course) A the best on the journey. It is indeed rewarding.

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