Dating in Nigeria – 1

This is a topic, I’ve always wanted to talk about but I didn’t know how I’ll go about it.

Growing up, like any normal girl 5-8, I loved fairy tales, adored Rapunzel and her hair Snow white and her white skin and red lips, Cindrella and her glass slippers, Belle and her hope for christmas and believed in happily ever after with my handsome prince.

Fast forward to 12-16, I started reading matured novels and the fairy tales changed to high school musical themed stories and hot celebs. Those were my dreamy days and deep inside, I knew these were just my imaginations but I wanted to believe it a little.

18 and above, I tried dating and it’s not fairytale like or high school musical styled. What can I say, I was pretty  disappointed and thanks to my experiences prince charming and fairy tales turned sour.
I’m not Rapunzel, so I won’t be letting down my hair to no one, infact, my hair doesn’t grow down.
Snow white is too white, red lips ke, she seems too cold she needs more clothes to get more colour.
Cindrella, haba, glass shoe will break na. Fairy God mother should make money to appear instead.

Now that's me as Rapunzel

I started hating romance of any form.
Then I discovered Korean Drama land where love defies reasons. Infact Cindrella is learning in the prince/pauper girl theme. Korean dramas took it to a whole new level. I still enjoy them anyway. But I know my reality is very different.

Romance to me at the moment is the most boring and uninteresting topic of all times except when it’s about break ups. Now you have my undivided attention.

I’m officially now a naija single lady.
Next time, I’ll lay down the actual reasons why I came to my conclusions. Prepare yourself, it might seem stupid (sometimes it actually is).


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