20 Random Facts About Me

I’ve always wanted to do this but kept pushing it cuz I never really got to 20, I guess i’m not so interesting as I thought I was oh well, but will still like to let you know some 20 random facts about me.

1. I used to wish I was a boy. Why? Cuz I thought boys are strong and can fend off any bad person. Now Hello Girl Power!!

2. I Love Oh Se Hun, For reasons i know not why. But this is already obvious.

3. I hate being a Nigerian when I need visa to go to all the places I planned to visit before I pass away.

4. I love stargazing, but i don’t have a telescope.

5. I hate answering the question “Why”. Don’t ask me why.

6. I find petite things very cute.

7. Give me food, water, power (electricity), animes, korean dramas, ¬†Playstation 3 and Internet access and i promise never to leave my room again. Please I’m begging you. X

8. I wanted to become a doctor, i didn’t know why. Now i don’t want to be a doctor and i still don’t know why.

9. My biggest dream? i don’t know. But to leave Nigeria for good, ride the craziest roller coaster, Bunjee jump, visit Japan and South Korea, Skydive, Deep ocean diving, climb Mount Everest Top the list.

10. Anything about destroying earth gets my full attention (Fictional).

11. If God was handing out super powers, I’ll ask for Telekinesis, why? cuz it reminds me of Do Min Joon ssi of My Love From Another Star.

12. I don’t understand christianity. MY friends says i don’t need to that i should just believe. and i say Okay.

13. 90% of the time i wish the only thing i can hear when i close my eyes is the sound of waterfall and waves.

14. I have just 3 months till i become a college graduate and i have absolutely no idea what i want to with my life. (i’m humbly asking for suggestions here).

15. I’m capable of so many things- in my head.

16. The longest relationship i’ve ever been in lasted for a year.

17. Procrastination is my best friend.

18. I am very skeptical about marriage.

19. I will love to spend most parts of my life travelling, I’ve gotten bored with the borders. Any Career on this track?

20. If Procrastination is my best friend then say hello to my twin Fear, whom i’m still thinking of ways to kill.

And so these are the 20 random facts about me. Comments and suggestions will honestly and greatly be appreciated.

Thank You.




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