My Skin Care Journey

It’s not so easy being a light skinned person in this country of mine. Le sigh… I went home for hols and stumbled upon my baby picture, I was really disappointed with my skin at the moment because the baby I was looking at was white as in ‘white’ with clear beautiful spotless skin and an exceptionally cute smile to boot. Another sigh. Now I know your baby skin will change as you grow older but come on, who doesn’t wish for that beautiful skin once again. I’m not dark at all; just have a couple of imperfections here and there which has been caused by various factors.

First for about two years now since 2013, I had ended my relationship with skin lightening creams and had chosen more natural means. But results have remained pretty much the same although I must confess, that break did me a lot of good like I had some patchy discolorations on my back, I never really knew the cause of the problem but it was just there but now it has completely disappeared. Thank You Jesus. I used to  have much darker knuckles and knees, I’m not so sure about the elbows but, the knees and knuckles are lighter also and my feet/toes but the elbows seem to have not changed at all.  I have tried all I could but not much change. I know the main reason is because I don’t really take care of my skin properly. I realized that this was the same problem I had even when I was using skin lightening creams.

But starting today, I’m about to change all that.

So Help me God, I stumbled upon it has been a great source of information for general skin care and skin lightening tips. After lurking around for a good while, I have decided to challenge myself for a good two weeks to pamper my skin (If I can pamper my hair, why can’t I do the same for my skin—you know what I’m sayin’..).

Here’s my regimen

I got the Skin Light Lotion – for 350 naira ( I still like it inexpensive cuz I’m a student and on a very tight budget and I want to believe that I don’t have to be rich to have a glowing skin).

I also got Carotene Black Spot Corrector Serum- for 300 naira.

I mixed the Skin Light Lotion with the serum and olive oil. I’ll be applying this mix to my knees, knuckles and elbow for the first week after an exfoliating bath with my homemade scrub.

Homemade Scrub  Mix – Tea, Sugar, Salt, Lemon Juice and occasionally, honey.

Then I apply coconut oil to the rest of my body. This I do only at night when I’m at home but in the day, I intend to shower with an exfoliating sponge and Longrich’s Charcoal Whitening Soap and then apply Longrich’s Placenta Sod Moisturizing Cream. I really fell in love with that SOD cream because it’s really moisturizing. I also ordered for some sunscreen should be getting it sometime next week.


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