Natural & Frugal

Hey guys, I’m introducing a new column. “Natural & Frugal”. On this board, I’ll address matters arising of being natural and frugal = saving money. This post was inspired by naijasinglegirl from after reading her post on natural hair. (Check out her blog guys, she’s hilarious).

Now Y’all know that the natural hair journey doesn’t come cheap. But I love the journey and I love cheap (Why? Cuz I’m a broke ass student and have a very tight budget) – so what to do? – *drumrolls* enter ze frugal kyla.

The first thing on being natural and saving money is SIMPLIFY— yes simplify your regimen. The more simple it is, the fewer tendencies for it to be an expensive project. Naija naturals please one big advice; don’t stare too long at the dollar sign o. You see a product and the price goes for $5…. It’s a lie in naira it’s a different ball game. Example Cantu Shea Butter Leave In Conditioning Repair Cream is $4.99-$5.00 on Amazon (looks cheap right) but on Olori, it sells for #2700 excluding shipping.

To simplify your regimen, just GO BACK TO BASICS. Understand the basics of natural hair care and then you can design a simple regimen containing products that are on your budget range and still works for your hair.

Another point to take note of in being natural & frugal is to not hop on BANDWAGONS. You are the only one who knows your hair so you can make the appropriate decisions on techniques and products that work for you. But to be on the safe side don’t do this because everyone else is doing it.

Third point ladies, invest in DIY-Do It Yourself. It sure goes a long way. Now I’m not saying you should completely play the mad scientist of hair care product concoctions, but you should replace some over the counter products with things you can find in your kitchen. For example, switch that shampoo with Baking soda or ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar), honey can replace glycerin, homemade flaxseed gel from flax seeds goes well too, mayonnaise, avocado pear plus olive oil and honey is a great deep conditioning treatment etc.

I think that’s all for now.

Please Share any means you can think of when it comes to being natural and frugal.




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