Thing’s I’m Loving At The Moment

This post is coming pretty late but I just had to share it anyway.

1. Forever and Always- OH SE HUN.

Oh Se Hun-Sama

Call Me Crazy but I really like this EXO (a korean K-pop boy band member). He’s their maknae – youngest of them all and we are the same age —— almost birthday mates, he’s 12th April and I’m 11th. God why????!!!!

2. EXO’s Comeback Singles Call Me Baby and Love Me Right

Call Me Baby

Love Me Right

I know Se Hun is My Bias but, my eyes kept drifting to the grey haired rapper (Chanyeol Chan). I don’t even what their song means and believe me i don’t need to know.

3. Hair Colour- I’ve been nurturing this urge to dye my hair but I’ve been putting it aside cuz of my parents, don’ want them looking shocked when I come back home with coloured hair. Oh well story of my life. But here are some colours i’m thinking of trying out.

someone please tell me what hair color is this. I love it so much.


Socrates said “Man Know ThySelf”.

But Kyla Says “Girl Love Yourself and Others”.




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