My Wedding Must Hold This Year

Don’t let the title deceive you. I’m not the one getting married or wishing for it.

I had come across sign board with the above title, the pastor promised the women that if they attended the program, they will definitely get married this year.

This is very annoying and rather humiliating and rather one of the many things I hate about Nigeria. I hate this pressure on women to marry. I’m in my final year in college and everyone is already going “K, so you’ll soon be through, when are we coming for the wedding?” Some times it comes out as jokes but most times, these people are really serious.

Don’t even get me started on the conversation that follows after that question. I’ll be like is it a must or is it compulsory to get married, or I don’t remember God giving me the mandate to “go forth into the world and marry”. They’ll be like “stay there, when men become scarce, you’ll join the women that will be praying “My Wedding Must Hold This Year”.

I forbid it, God Forbid it. I would never kneel or bow at any altar to pray like that. A man will always come around that is my belief as long as i maintain myself and my standards and ultimately be myself, something will definitely work out. if it isn’t working out? well, the world is filled with married women.

So my message to ladies – please, be yourself, don’t no, never settle for less, if the man is not up to your standards, please move on with your life don’t tie gele – head wrap, rob white chalk, and tie red sash on your waist and scream “My Wedding Must Hold This Year”. Because, it won’t and you’ll be depressed for a long time.



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