My Hair Must Grow Challenge

Hey Naturals, how’s it going?

Seriously, my hair must grow.

Ok, it’s growing, I totally agree, I can see it. But pushing it to grow longer in a shorter period of time is not such a bad desire, right? I need me some growth let’s say 3 months from now. Therefore, the “My Hair Must Grow Challenge.”

–Ahem—I’ve consulted ze great oracle for methods, products, items, techniques and what have you, to develop a regimen that I’ll be using for this challenge. And what did I find? –so many things – there’s so many ways, so many products, so many it works speeches in videos, blogs and pictures. Just type “Long Hair in 3 Months” on google and prepare to have your eyes coming off the sockets. And trust me sifting through all that info, took a lot of hard work –phew—

So tired

So I’ve compiled all I have gained from the internet and adding my own tweaks, I’ve come up with what I think I will work with.


So let’s break it down:

  • Oils- coconut oil, castor oil, olive oil
  • Tea Rinse- Black Tea
  • Protective styling with extensions.
  • Deep conditioning mix – Yoghurt + Honey + Egg + Olive oil OR Mayonnaise + Honey + Olive Oil
  • Prepoo with oil blend (never used to do this)
  • Wash hair in twists (too lazy)
  • Finger detangle (even lazier)
  • Hot Oil Treatment (why am I still lazy to do this?)
  • Inversion Method (plus massage with garlic and ginger infused oil)
  • Honey Shampoo? (I’m thinking of the no poo method and this came up)

And that’s pretty much all I need to use and do. The challenge is officially kicking off July 1st. I’ll post before pictures on length, volume and texture length on the 1st and subsequent checks on the 1st of every month till October (that’s 3 months).

Finally, I don’t do drugs, so I’m not using any vitamins hair and biotin whatever, I’m just hate tablets plus the damn thing is expensive (5000 naira and above for hair vitamins? Really?) I won’t be setting any unrealistic goals for myself, I just want to see how much my hair can grow if I really take care of it, but if it doesn’t gain much length or anything, I’ll just be happy to know that my hair received loads of TLC for a whole 3 months.

So folks, wish me luck (God I need it).




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