My Hair Must Grow – Act 1, Scene 1

Hey Naturals,
So My Hair Must Grow Challenge has kicked off today  July 1st. And of course with a BANG.

But before I go into the details of the opening treatment, let me quickly explain the current state of my hair.
So I had been in a protective style (medium sized twists and sorry no pictures) for 3 weeks, I took it down on the 24th of June. I had a lot of shed hair,  that I was really scared that it was more than normal. I finger detangled my hair, Co-Washed in chunky twists and then wore a kinda up do ( I promise to recreate it later) and then a cinnamon bun for a week. I did a quick length check, my back hair was 8inches, middle hair or crown was about 7.8inches and the front hair was between 7.7inches and 8inches in some parts (trust me, I hate the length variations too).

So today, July The 1st.
I massaged my scalp and edges with a mixture of my homemade ginger and garlic + Onions Infused Oils (much details on this later) and Honey.
Next, I prepared my Deep Conditioning Mix I.e. Mayonnaise, Vo5 Conditioner, Natur Vita Black Hair Mask and some leftover oils.
I applied this mix to my hair while finger detangling at the same time and finally twisting the sections up, then putting on a shower cap. I wore the cap for about an hour before washing it put with ACV and Black Tea Mixture.

As you can see, I’m trying not to use combs and at the same time making sure I wash my hair in twists (always) and also trying to inculcate the habit of massaging my scalp always or as regularly as possible with oils.
After washing out the Deep conditioning mix, I’m confused between African threading my hair or just twisting in large sizes overnight to stretch it. (I’ll update on my decision later).

Now all this preparation is for sew in weaves (protective style) I’m getting tomorrow. (Pics on this later).

The Length Check, Right is Nape/Back Length and Left is Temple/Front Length. I apologise for the poor quality pics
Crown Length
Some Volume
Hair lost after taking down PS. Top is HL before Co-Washing and Bottom is HL after Co-Washing.

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