There’s Two People To Blame For Your Broken Heart

Ladies and Gents. Please go through this story and I pray it inspires you like it did for me.

Thought Catalog

A boy broke my heart.

We were best friends, and I wanted more. He seemed to want more, as well. It wasn’t until I had ignored all the red flags and warnings from my friends and carelessly fallen in love with him that I learned he had no intentions of dating me…not then, and not ever. I had invested more time and energy into the prospective relationship than I had ever invested in a relationship I was actually in. It was too late for me to take back the plans I’d stayed awake making, the tears I’d cried from confusion and exhaustion, and the moments I’d shared with him. It was too late to take back everything I’d told him and all the times we’d kissed. I was absolutely drained and devastated when I heard the words that changed my perspective on courtship/dating forever. “I’m sorry you feel led on…

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