Isn’t it?
Two sides of a coin to humans
On one side they’ll give their life for the other.
On the other they are at each others throat striking for blood and organs.

Isn’t it?
The thin line between love and hate
The spider thread between friends and enemies.

Twistsed it really is
Humans cannot just be understood from just books
Or studying them intently
For dynamic they can be
Changing at any given moment

Twisted it really is
Because change is the beauty of being alive
The seamless transformation from day to night
The transition from dark clouds to clear blue skies
Changes in seasons and with it changes in lifestyle in all living creatures

Twisted it really is
Especially since beauty is in the eyes of the beholder
What you see may not be what I see yet it is one and the same thing

A really twisted life we live
But that is the beauty of it
And I’m grateful.


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